SUNRISE – Tribal Dance & Ceremony Experience 14 March 2020 with Oracle Tanya Spirit

THIS SUNRISE will be one of your fondest life impacting memories! 
There are few things as powerful as joining with like-minded, high-vibration people in alignment with the sunrise and joint desire to improve themselves, the world and those around them!!! It is energy and being in such a high energy container in itself is a life-changing experience!!!
Hosted by TanyaSpirit – Metaphysic, Quantum Empowerment Coach & Teacher; Nia Technique Sensei; Owner of BlackAqua; Founder of the Female Tribe and the Feather Awards.
A morning of empowerment and inspiration with TanyaSpirit. A powerful, intention-setting ceremony, energetic activation and the joy of movement that will set your heart aflame.

Rise up! Remember who you are! Claim your Personal Power and live a life of Purpose!

More about this event – what to expect:
Tanya will be sharing on her own journey of finding her authentic path and having had to reclaim her own power to rise as Warrioress and Impact others as she does today.
There will be a personal blessing for you from Tanya; and your experience includes a Ceremonial Cacao Intention-Setting Ceremony.

To hear her “upside down fairy tale” of heart-wrenching, traumatic experiences and yet beyond magical proportions will leave you both inspired and empowered.

Together with the energetic activation, you will activate and anchor your intention with simple, yet electrifying, soul uplifting movement.
TanyaSpirit will be available for personal connection after the ceremony.
Unique, sacred goods from BlackAqua Hippie Gypsy Shop will be on display for your enjoyment. (Credit Card Facilities Available).
Tribal Movement experience will be about 30 minutes with complete freedom to follow in a way and speed of your desire. It’s “joy of movement” – not aerobics … you’re going to fall in love with NIA!

Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Important Event Times:
  • Arrival no later than 4.45 am (we are all getting up this early to harness the sunrise, so we need to work together not to miss it) – be inside, seated and ready to start by 5 am.
  • Official Start 5 am.
  • Formal event will finish no later than 7 am.
What to wear:
  • Comfortable clothing – we are going to move (yoga style gear) – but be as authentic as you wish!
  • “Kick-off”, “slip on” type shoes – we are barefoot inside the studio.
  • A sarong, ankle bells, bangles etc, are pleasant accompaniments for dance if you want to wear or bring it along.
What to bring:
  • Your magical self and your highest vibration.
  • Your dance items – if you wish (as above).
  • A scatter cushion to sit on.
  • A bottle of water.
  • Fresh Fruit to share – washed, ready to eat fruit for our end ceremony celebration.
  • A special crystal/trinket that has significant meaning to you.
  • A journal and pen (if you like).
  • Please take some time before this event to consider the following:
    • Your intention for this experience (your expectation for this special event & how you intend to show up for yourself)
    • A SPECIFIC intention you would like to activate during this ceremony
  • INTENTION SETTING – the intention you choose is personal to you – you may have a goal you are committing to, something you intend achieving, something you intend closing the chapter on … something you are finally forgiving … any intention that is going to change your life for the better is perfect for the ceremony – CHOOSE SOMETHING THAT REALLY MATTERS to you!
Contact Information:
  • Client Relations: Carmen 083 564 7503
  • Facebook Event with Directions on THIS LINK
  • Join our Facebook Page on THIS LINK
Energy Exchange: 
  • An energy exchange of R75 per person is payable on or before the 10th of March.
  • Your Ceremony Cost of R180 is sponsored for you.
  • Since this is a catered-for event, it is essential to secure your space by pre-booking with Carmen and paying your R75.
  • You can pay via EFT or via Credit Card at BlackAqua Gypsy Store.

Banking Details for EFT:

Tanya Spirit International


Cheque Account


Centurion Branch

Reference: Name & Surname

SMS Proof of Payment to 073 121 9897