The dress made its entrance in history when us human began to live with one another, creating naturally occurring groups. As these social group became defined in categories such as culture, language and the arts, the importance of the dress was illuminated. Dresses defined distinction amongst communities, cities and countries. A garment that has evolved throughout the ancient world over hundreds and thousands of years. The dresses that started it all included the Mesopotamian Dress, the Egyptian Dress, the Minoan Dress, and the Etruscan Dress.

In the early 19th century, dresses started out being lightweight and more on the simple side. In the 1830’s however, the styles developed into over-sized silhouettes with puffy sleeves and hips. By the mid-19th century, dress frames were being made of whalebones or steel wire in the form of crinolines worn under the voluminous skirts.

The women’s clothing revolution in 1925 saw women ditching the longer hems and they dared to wear knee length dresses. It became fashionable for women to embrace an almost boyish and figure-less look. This was short-lived, and in the 1930’s, women’s dresses started becoming more conservative once again. 

It wasn’t until World War II that the less-conservative hemline came back into circulation – this was due to the need to save on material during the difficult wartimes. Dresses and all other types of clothing and fabrics were rationed until 1949.

Christian Dior introduced the New Look in 1947. This embraced long dresses with narrow waists, accentuating a woman’s hour-glass figure. Throughout the next decade, dresses remained feminine and the silhouettes full. It wasn’t until Mary Quant invented the mini skirt and dresses in 1965 that women’s clothing became more relaxed and informal.

The fashions of today have brought dresses of all styles, shapes and fabrics to the forefront. From t-shirt and shift styles, to flowing bohemian and maxi fits. Regardless of style preferences, there is a dress for every one of every age, and for every season. There are over 50 different styles of dresses circulating in the fashion sphere today. Most probably many more that we are still unaware of. The sky is the limit when it comes to this type of style draping the body.


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