In the 1600’s in the Native American tribe of the Ojibwe, there was a woman known to be a symbol of protection and comfort. She was called the ‘Spider Woman’. A spiritual protector among the young children and babies. As the Ojibwe tribe grew and spread across the lands, Spider Woman found it difficult to be everywhere for everyone.  She created a talisman, a ‘spider web’, to keep the families protected when she was not around. These ‘Sacred Hoops’, commonly known as dreamcatchers, became a symbol of protection during the night when everyone slept. The Native Americans were strong believers in dreams and the messages they convey. Sacred Hoops – Dreamcatchers – were placed above the heads of the slumbering so that their dreams could be ‘caught’.  The bad, disturbing dreams would get caught in the web and be destroyed when the day dawned, while the good dreams floated back down the feathers.

Dreamcatchers have meaning tied to the natural world: the circle-shape of the dreamcatcher represents the circle of life, the sun and the moon and their path in making day and night.  The web is that of a sticky spider’s web that can catch prey. The soft, fluffy feathers portray a pillow-like ladder to allow the good dreams to travel gently. The beads are representative of the Spider Woman herself. The beads also immortalized the good dreams. These talismans come in many different shapes and sizes and made from many different types of materials – leather, lace, feathers, beads, string, ribbons, bells. Authentic dreamcatchers are just a few inches in size, handmade from all-natural materials with a leather-wrapped frame. Whatever size or shape, colour or material, a dreamcatcher will catch your dreams so you can rest easy.


Sleep gently under one of our beautifully crafted dreamcatchers. 

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