Emithini Artwear

We carry EMITHINI ARTWEAR in our store – a designer that creates one-off pieces of clothing, including a full range of men, women and kiddies styles.

When the word ‘tie-dye’ is mentioned, the first thing that we associate it with are hippies and the counterculture era. This makes perfect sense since it was in the 60’s that this groovy process was born.

But no, tie-dying has actually been part of American culture since the 1920’s! While its roots can be found all the way back to ancient Asia. Who knew?  It is an ancient process that has been used as early as the 6th century in Japan, India and Africa. The most common fabrics used were silk and hemp.

While a tie-dye shirt is a classic garment that never really goes out of style, the popularity of this fashion goes through stages. 

There was a noticeable surge in tie-dye popularity in the hippie era as it served as a simple and inexpensive way in which to express the wearer’s creativity and individuality. No two garments are the same. As hippies longed for escape from strict societal norms in the 50’s, this fashion statement provided the perfect medium for free-spirited style expression.

Janis Joplin, the hippie poster child for the counterculture movement, loved her psychedelic apparel of tie-dyed clothing. I believe she helped in its popularity for sure!

Not much has changed, and tie-dye clothes will always be ‘in’. The garments are free-flowing, natural and unique.

There is always someone in the family that still has their tie-dye t-shirt, skirt, shorts or dress that they wear at some point.

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