Just Released!

Hello and Welcome to my colorful world of Wisdom and Treasures!

My name is Tanya Spirit and it is my privilege to bring you the magical BlackAqua Gypsy Store!

Although I do have an online shop, everything is unique an authentic in my store and thus I found it a much more pleasant and enjoyable experience for you to have my 1:1 attention and service for online, remote orders. I courier to your door. Simply click the WhatsAp button on this page and you will connect directly to me. BlackAqua’s self service online will open soon with TanyaSpirit Designs.

PLEASE NOTE: FOR AN UP TO DATE VISUAL EXPERIENCE OF WHAT YOU WILL FIND IN STORE – PLEASE CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO OUR FB PHOTO FOLDER … although the website gives you a good indication of my massive variety, my regular day to day releases are done into my photo folder. I will be updating the website with new pics at sporadic intervals and am building a photo gallery.

BlackAqua is the house of Authentic and Unique items and with our time-line based photo folder you see the latest in store items.

STORE HOURS: Tuesday to Saturday 9;30 to 4 pm.

BlackAqua- True Authentic Expression Hippy-Gypsy Shop.

Home of the unique, original, colorful and exceptionally rare! For the free spirit and original wild wanderer… Gypsy, Hippie, BOHO, Steampunk, Tribal and Native Styles. Natural Remedies, Kombucha, Kimchi, Earth Medicines, Pipes… Eccentric flair and an unmistakable GOOD VIBES!

~Raw Crystals, Incense, Ceremonial Resins, Smudges, Paulo Santo, Burners ~

We look forward to meeting you!

BlackAqua Expression store is THE Healer, Gypsy and Style-caster’s Mojo – a TRUE Original and Authentic Expression!